Leerstoel voor Osho 2x

Vergevorderde Plannen voor een Osho Leerstoel in Californië en in Gujarat

Er komt een leerstoel voor Osho aan de prestigieuze universiteit van Berkeley in Amerika, Californië.
Deze universiteit heeft onlangs een ‘memorandum of understanding’ uitgewerkt met de Theologische Hogeschool GTU (Graduate Theological Union) om dit te realiseren. Het gaat daarbij om het opzetten van een wetenschappelijk curriculum over Osho’s visie en het aanstellen van een professor die de leerstoel bezet. De plannen zijn in een vergevorderd stadium en men verwacht dat medio 2016 alles gerealiseerd zal zijn.

Californië: Leerstoel voor Osho

Sw. Vedant heeft aangegeven dat hij een meeting heeft gehad met de president van de Graduate Theological Union (GTU) and with the Director of Dharma  Studies at GTU  en dat daar concrete afspraken zijn gemaakt m.b.t. de Osho leerstoel in Berkeley.

Updating you with the further progress on establishing an Osho Chair at GTU (Graduate Theological Union) affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley.

At a dinner meeting on Dec. 4th, I had a pleasure of meeting with GTU president Dr. Riess Potterveld, and Director of Dharma Studies at GTU, Dr. Rita Sherma. The president of DCF (Dharma Civilization Foundation), Dr. Manohar Shinde was also present.

At this meeting we agreed upon the following points:

  • MOU (a memorandum of understanding) with GTU shall be worked out by around January 2016.
  • As a preliminary step in the course of establishing an Osho Chair, a framework of the academic courses and studies on Osho’s vision shall be worked out by March 2016.
  • A visiting professor shall be appointed initially for a year to facilitate and teach Osho courses and studies beginning Fall 2016.
  • Around $120,000 will be needed to be raised by Osho’s family for appointing the visiting professor. A select committee will be involved in selecting a qualified person for this position.By March 2016, admissions for the Osho courses and studies shall be open.
  • As these preliminary steps are underway, Osho’s family and friends shall gather resources to raise funds for the endowment of the Osho Chair at GTU – hopefully as soon as possible.

En ook in India zijn voornemens voor een Leerstoel voor Osho in Zuid Gujarat universiteit, gelegen in Surat, ongeveer 300 km. ten zuiden van Mumbai.

Proposal for an Osho Chair at the South Gujarat University, India

I am very happy to share that on December 22nd I, along with a few Osho Sannyasins, had a wonderful meeting with Dr. Dakshesh R. Thakar, the Vice Chancellor of the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University – one of the leading universities in India.

At this meeting, we proposed that an Osho Chair be created at the South Gujarat University located in Surat (about 300 km south of Mumbai). The VC readily asked us to submit to him a formal request to this effect which he shall then put forward to the University Syndicate and take whatever further steps are needed. Here we all feel very optimistic… let us see.

My own feeling is that once this Chair is established in India, it can help us in our efforts with GTU – it especially can strengthen the hands of the GTU President.

The VC is known to be very close to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (to whom we presented 350 of Osho’s published titles last year). Dr. Thakar is a great/passionate lover of Osho and… he is an Osho sannyasin.

I shall, of course, update you with this exciting development as well.

Osho’s grace is infinite!