At the Feet of the Master

“For more than two decades, thousands of seekers from the world over have been converging on the communes of the enlightened mystic Osho to experience his intoxicating wisdom at the source. For many years individual Westerners gathered every evening to meet with Him face to face and ask questions. He would speak about love, about death, about work, and frequently about the relationship between a Master and his disciples.

The Spiritual Master and his People

This book is a collection of excerpts centered exclusively around the spiritual Master and his people. What is Osho’s work and how does he relate to his sannyasins? What does it mean to take sannyas and to participate in his commune? What is a mystic and what is the role of the people who ‘share in his energy’? Compiled from thirty published and unpublished Darshan Diaries (the records of those evening meetings), ‘At the Feet of the Master’ traces everything that Osho says in these one to one talks about this particular enigmatic love affair.”

At the Feet of the Master is een zogenoemd Darshan Diary. Er staan Intieme gesprekken in tussen Meester en discipelen en tussen Osho en zoekers. Veel vragen komen aan bod die elke hedendaagse mens bezighouden.
At the Feet of the MasterIndringende thema’s als homosexualiteit passeren de revue als mede de betekenis van meester, discipel en sannyas. Iedere zoeker en mediterende zal zich gevoed voelen door wat Osho hier aan wijsheid aandraagt.”If my words were like flowers, now let them be like knives penetrating you. If my words were like soothing balm, now let them be like fire and flames, because finally you have to pass through all the opposites to come back home, to come to a point where opposites meet, mingle and disappear.

Het boek is niet gemakkelijk verkrijgbaar, mogelijk wel tweedehands bij de Boekhandel en op internet

This handsome volume containing extracts from 30 darshan diaries is illustrated with black and white photos of Osho and sannyasins in the commune. Osho has spoken to thousands of seekers and disciples, addressing each one individually about their search and their personal growth – What is a disciple? What is a master? What does it mean to take sannyas? These questions and innumerable others are unraveled and made crystal clear in this beautiful and inspiring book.

Osho speaks directly to these individuals, addressing issues concerned with their personal growth. Often the talk turns to what a disciple is, what a master is and what sannyas means. These talks also cover innumerable aspects of the search of the meditator and are relevant to anyone who is looking inside.

Fragment uit At the Feet of the Master

“A point will come one day when you will listen to me and there will be neither sadness nor happiness. My words won’t be like flowers and won’t be like flames. You will simply listen in utter silence, not even a sound, nothing will happen. You will be as if you are not – and only then will you have heard the message.” Osho