The God Conspiracy

The Path From Superstition to Superconsciousness

In dit boek ‘The God Conspiracy’ gaat Osho in op de uitspraak van Friedrich Nietzsche: ‘God is dood, daarom is de mens volkomen vrij’.
We hebben onze eigen god geschapen en die alle macht over ons leven gegeven. Op die manier zijn we The God Conspiracymarionetten en trekt god als een poppenspeler aan de touwtjes.
Nietzsche heeft echter maar een kant van de zaak belicht: de vrijheid van de mens. Maar wat gaat de mens met deze vrijheid doen? Hoe kan hij deze creatief en met verantwoordelijkheid invullen?
Daarover kunnen we de antwoorden vinden in Zen.
Als je je schitterend innerlijke wezen uiteindelijk gevonden hebt, kun je niets meer fout doen. Je bent dan een boeddha op je eigen unieke manier.

Het boek ‘The God Conspiracy’ is verkrijgbaar in de Boekhandel.

Impressie van ‘The God Conspiracy’

The God Conspiracy exposes as a first step the history-old conspiracy of the politician and the priest against humanity, joy, pleasure, comfort and luxury. The politician would touch the feet of the priest and the priest enforced a certain kind of society on people – all in the name of God.

Osho makes a strong point that the discussion about belief or disbelief in god is a dead end in itself. Not believing, but only experiencing is a way of finding truth and meaning. While Friedrich Nietzsche’s declaration that “God is dead, therefore man is free” has been an incredible step in understanding – it is in itself a negative solution and does not bring freedom. Simply removing God is not enough to achieve freedom. The atheistic philosophy of Communism has shown the endless abyss of meaninglessness – a vacuum that will be again and again filled with false meaning.

Osho offers something of which Nietzsche was unaware – meditation – a direct connection with existence itself. Zen and meditation allow us to find meaning and significance, creativity, receptivity and a path to freedom. Zen has no God, but it has a tremendous science to transform our consciousness, to bring so much awareness that it is impossible to commit evil. But it is not imposed through commandments; it comes rather from our innermost being and understanding.

Reading this book will be a transforming experience, making you aware of the incredible responsibility we have as human beings for ourselves and our environment of which we are part – here – and now.

“The axiom is that anything that exists has to be created by somebody. How can it come into existence by itself? This is the problem. Everything that is has been created;otherwise how can it come in the first place? So they bring in God to help you solve the problem of who created the universe.
But what are you going to do with God? Does God exist? If God exists,then who created him? If he does not exist,then how could he create the universe? If God himself does not exist,how can he create existence? And if he exists,then what about your basic maxim that anything that exists needs a creator? No,don’t ask that.That’s what all the religions say – don’t ask who created God. But this is strange – why not? If the question is valid about existence, why does it become invalid when it is applied to God?” Osho