Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation

Tantra Experience, commenting on the Royal Song of Saraha

Evolution through Love

De twee Tantra delen van de oorspronkelijke Tantra Visie zijn opnieuw uitgekomen, onder de titels: ‘Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation’. Tantra betekent jezelf uitbreiden, uitgroeien naar het Ultieme.
Osho benadrukt in Tantric Experience de eenheid van ons wezen. Tradities als het Christendom en het Jodendom maken een onderscheid tussen ziel en lichaam en tussen hoger en lager.
Tantra Experience and Tantric TransformationDit heeft de mens zijn kracht ontnomen, aldus Osho.
Een en ander wordt uiteengezet in een dialoog tussen een jonge rijke Hindoe Brahmaan Saraha en een vrouw uit een veel lagere kaste.
Door het contact met haar krijgt hij totaal andere ervaringen en inzichten op het gebied van seks en de dood.

Tantric Transformation

When Love meets Meditation

In dit tweede deel gaat het over de innerlijke man en vrouw en hun onderlinge ontmoeting. Verder komt het transformeren van de seksuele energie aan bod.
Osho beschrijft de Tantra kaart van het innerlijk bewustzijn, waardoor we tot hoger bewustzijn kunnen komen.
Het boek is een aanmoediging om voorbij het schijngeluk van de uiterlijke wereld te gaan en onze immense binnenwereld te verkennen, die ons ware Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation vreugde kan brengen.

‘Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation’ zijn beide verkrijgbaar bij de Boekhandel of via de boekhandel.

Impressie van ‘Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation’

This life is a gift from existence, to be lived and enjoyed. But with the seemingly impossible and conflicting demands of society, morality, and culture, people struggle with feelings of unfulfilled potential, frustration and guilt rather than living full lives. This uplifting book gives a taste of Osho’s life-affirmative, accepting and far-reaching wisdom when commenting on The Royal Song of Saraha.

Saraha was an 8th century Indian sage who left his opulent life in the royal court to live with an arrowsmith woman. Inspired by her single-pointed awareness, and the potential of living each moment, Tantra was born, ‘Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation’

Excerpt from: The Tantra Experience

Evolution through Love

“The basic Tantra attitude is: the sensual can be transformed into the sublime, matter can be transformed into mind, the unconscious can be transformed into consciousness.

“Modern physics says matter can be transformed into energy, energy can be transformed into matter. In fact they are not two but the same energy functioning as two forms. Tantra says sex can be Tantra Experiencetransformed into samadhi – the same approach, very basic and fundamental. The lower can be transformed into the higher, because lower and higher are joined together; it is a ladder. They are never separate, nowhere separate, there is no gap between them. You can move from the lower to the higher, you can move from the higher to the lower.

“And that ladder is what man is. He can exist on the lowest rung; that is his decision. He can move upwards, he can exist on the highest rung. He can exist as a beast or he can exist as a buddha – both are his rungs, the lowest and the highest. And man is a ladder; he can fall into deep unconsciousness and become a rock, and he can rise to absolute consciousness and can become a god. But they are not separate, that is the beauty of Tantra.

Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation“Tantra is non-divisive; Tantra is the only religion which is not schizophrenic. Tantra is the only religion which is really sane, the sanest religion, because it doesn’t divide. If you divide you create a split. If you tell people that the body is bad, that the body is the enemy, that the body has to be condemned, that the body is in the service of the Devil; then you are creating a split in man, then the man becomes afraid of the body. And then by and by an unbridgeable gulf is created and he is torn into two parts, he is pulled in two opposite directions. The body pulls the body in two, the mind tries to pull the mind in two; there is conflict and confusion.

“Tantra says you are one – there is no need to have any confusion. You can be fused into one reality. There is no need to have any conflict, there is no need to be torn apart, there is no need to go insane. You can love all that is available, and you can evolve it – with deep love, care, creativity, it can be evolved. The body is not the enemy of your soul; the body is just the sheath of your sword. The body is just the temple, it is your abode; it is not the enemy, it is your friend.

“Tantra drops all sorts of violence, not only violence to others but violence to oneself. Tantra says: love reality in its totality. Yes, much can be evolved, but all evolution is through love. And there is no need to fight.” Osho

Excerpt from: Tantric Transformation

When Love meets Meditation

“Tantra wants you to be alive – as alive as the trees, as alive as the rivers, as alive as the sun and the moon. That is your birthright. You don’t lose anything by losing it; you gain all. And if everything is to be lost in gaining it, nothing is lost. Even a single moment of utter freedom is enough to satisfy. And a long life of a hundred years, yoked like a slave, is meaningless.

“To be in the world of Tantra needs courage: it is adventurous. Up to now, only a few people have been able to move on that path. But the future is very hopeful. Tantra will become more and more important. Man understands more and more what slavery is, and man also understands that no political revolution has proved revolutionary. All political revolutions finally turn into anti-revolutions. Once revolutionaries are in power they become anti-revolutionary. Power is anti-revolutionary. So there is a built-in mechanism in power: give anybody power and he becomes anti-revolutionary. Power creates its own world. So up to now there have been many revolutions in the world and all have failed, utterly failed; no revolution has helped. Now man is becoming aware of it.

“Tantra gives a different perspective. It is not revolutionary; it is rebellious. Rebellion means individual. You can rebel alone, you need not organize a party for it. You can rebel alone, on your own. It is not a fight against society, remember; it is just going beyond society. It is not anti-social, it is asocial; it has nothing to do with society. It is not against slavery, it is for freedom – freedom to be.” Osho, ‘Tantra Experience and Tantric Transformation’