Breaking All Boundaries


Breaking All Boundaries

In Breaking All Boundaries, Osho uncovers the layers of conditioning that have imprisoned the mind of each and every human being, and have formed sentries – thick boundaries that hold man back from reaching his potential. And he reveals how, the very moment that the old is gone, one can enter the space of meditation. In this book, Osho explores several techniques for reaching this clear, clean state.
Rarely will you find the truth so easy to understand, and the way forward so practically explained.

Osho says:

‘Life is simply an experience.
Your birth is only the beginning.
You are not born ready-made.
You are born with all dimensions open.
That’s the beauty and dignity of man.


Dit boek ‘Breaking All Boundaries’ is pas in veel later stadium vanuit het Hindi in het Engels vertaald. Heel bijzonder is het dus om nu een boek van Osho te kunnen lezen dat nog niet eerder voor ’t westen beschikbaar
Breaking All Boundarieswas. Op de cover is te lezen dat Osho’s bewoordingen over dit thema niet eerder zo duidelijk te ontvangen waren.
Osho nodigt ons uit om onze conditioneringen laag voor laag te
onderzoeken en die op te geven. Het gaat om het loslaten van vaak eeuwenoude patronen die dikke lagen over ons wezen gevormd hebben. Als we hier, stuk voor stuk, doorheen kunnen komen, bereiken we steeds meer ons werkelijke potentieel.

Het boek Breaking All Boundaries is verkrijgbaar bij de Boekhandel of via internet.

Impressie van ‘Breaking All Boundaries’

A dog is born as a dog; he will remain a dog. He comes with a certain structure, lifestyle, morality, religion, philosophy. He brings with him everything ready-made; in fact nature provides him with everything. He never feels meaningless. He never bothers about meaning — it is only man who bothers. Hence he thinks he needs a very great philosophical understanding. The dog comes into the world completed.
Man is born incomplete, open; it is left to him what he is going to become, what he is going to make out of his life.
This creates problems, but all those problems are challenges to be accepted, faced.
You have to be in constant effort for your own growth. Yes, many times you will move in a wrong direction, but don’t be worried, that’s how we learn-by making mistakes.


My father used to stop me, saying, “Don’t do that, you are doing it wrong.”
I said, “One thing should be settled between us: let me find out that it is wrong, and never stop me when I am going to commit a mistake.”
He said, “What! You are going to commit a mistake and I am not to stop you?”
I said, “Yes, because without mistakes I will never learn. And how long are you going to be with me?
Are you going to live for me, on my behalf? I have to live myself So please be kind enough: let me fall, let me make mistakes, let me go wrong, allow me to see what is right and what is wrong. Yes, I am groping, but only through this groping will I find out. And that which is found by you is only yours.”


Jesus may have found truth, Buddha may have found truth, but it is all hogwash, just meaningless to you. You will have to travel the path, many paths, out of which some will take you in the wrong direction and you will have to return to find the right one. But if you go on searching you are bound to find, because when you start finding that the path is wrong, you are already starting to feel what is right. It may not be very clear to you, but the moment you see that something is wrong, side by side somewhere inside you, you have already achieved a glimpse of the right.
To know something as a lie means that you have got a vague idea of what is truth. So just moving in wrong directions is not wrong, because it is through that movement that you will slowly, slowly, crystallize the idea of the right…

When you find what life is by living, then you will not find yourself surrounded by emptiness, you will be surrounded by space, pure space, which allows you to grow in every direction.
Existence is freedom.’