Yoga the Alpha and the Omega

Talks on the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali

In Yoga the Alpha and the Omega staat beschreven: Yoga is op verschillende manieren te definieren. De beste omschrijving is: het stoppen van de mind.
De mind kan de bron van gebondenheid en de bron van vrijheid zijn. De mind wordt de toegang tot deze wereld. Yoga the Alpha and the OmegaHet kan ook de uitgang worden.
De mind kan je naar de hel leiden, maar ook naar de hemel.
Als je hem juist gebruikt, kom je bij meditatie. En als je hem verkeerd gebruikt, ontstaat er gekte.
De mind op zich is je vriend noch je vijand.
Dat hangt van jou af- van degene die verborgen is achter de mind.

Het boek Yoga the Alpha and the Omega is zeldzaam geworden. Mogelijk is het tweedehands verkrijgbaar via de Boekhandel of via internet.

Impressie van Yoga the Alpha and the Omega

These ancient sutras of Patanjali are a road map to freedom from the prison of the mind. Patanjali is an enlightened mystic who took Yoga to its highest peak, creating a science of the inner as pure as the objective science of mathematics.

Osho′s wisdom and vision brings this science of Yoga to life. He explains the sutras in a language of today, bringing modern understanding to the austereness of Patanjali. Osho′s commentaries describe how these sutras lead step by step towards an understanding of the mind: what it is, how to use it and how to go beyond it.

Man seeks happiness but he does not know that it lies not outside of him, but inside, hindered only by the conditionings of society. In The Path of Yoga, Osho shows how to lose these conditionings and reach the pure joy of a silent mind.

Excerpt from Yoga the Alpha and the Omega

“So Yoga is both a death and a new life. As you are you will have to die, and unless you die the new cannot be born. The new is hidden in you. You are just a seed for it, and the seed must fall down, be absorbed by the earth. The seed must die, only then will the new arise out of you. Your death will become your new life. Yoga is both a death and a new birth. Unless you are ready to die you cannot be reborn. So it is not a question of changing beliefs. ‘Yoga The Alpha and the Omega’

“Yoga is not a philosophy. I say it is not a religion and I say it is not a philosophy. It is not something you can think about. It is something you will have to be; thinking won’t do. Thinking goes on in your head. It is not really deep into the roots of your being, it is not your totality. It is just a part, a functional part. It can be trained and you can argue logically, you can think rationally, but your heart will remain the same. Your heart is your deepest center, your head is just a branch. You can be without the head but you cannot be withoutYoga the Science of the Soul the heart. Your head is not basic.

“Yoga is concerned with your total being, with your roots. It is not philosophical. So with Patanjali we will not be thinking, speculating. With Patanjali we will be trying to know the ultimate laws of being, the laws for its transformation, the laws of how to die and how to be reborn again, the laws for a new order of being. That is why I call it a science.Patanjali is rare.” Osho, Yoga The Alpha and the Omega