The Great Pilgrimage

From Here to Here

In het boek ‘The Great Pilgrimage’ beantwoordt Osho door middel van verhalen en grappen veel vragen van toehoorders. Centraal staat dat het de realiteit is, dat we in feite geen kant op kunnen. Het is Hier en Nu.
The Great Pilgrimage Hij heeft het verder over talloze thema’s zoals conditionering en verlichting, over het delicate werk van een therapeut, het recht van vrouwen op een eigen psychologie en over sex en leeftijd.We

Het boek is zeldzaam geworden. Mogelijk is het tweedehands te vinden in Boekhandel.

Wel verkrijgbaar als audiobook.

Fragment uit ‘The Great Pilgrimage’

The Great PilgrimageIn this great book ‘The Great Pilgrimage’ of questions and answers Osho reminds us that there is in reality nowhere to go! He also talks especially to the baby boomers as they confront the onset of middle age. Osho responds to questions ranging from swordsmanship to music, from enlightenment to conditioning, from sex to age, from women′s rights to psychology. But no matter what the subject, woven through his jokes and stories, through the wisdom and shattering clarity of all these talks, is meditation – as the miracle ingredient to bring into your life for transformation.

“It is one of the human weaknesses, one of the deep-rooted frailties, to seek attention.
“The reason one seeks attention is because one does not know oneself. It is only in other people’s eyes one can see his face, in their opinions he can find his personality. What they say matters immensely. If they neglect him, ignore him, he feels lost. If you pass by and nobody takes any attention, you will start losing what you have put together your personality. It is something that you have put together. You have not discovered it, it is not natural. It is very artificial and very arbitrary.”

“It is not only you who is a beggar for attention; almost everybody is. And the situation cannot change until you discover your authentic self which does not depend on anybody’s opinion, attention, criticism, indifference, which does not have anything to do with anybody else. Because very few people have been able to discover their reality, the whole world is full of beggars.”

“Deep down you are all trying to find attention; it is nourishment for your personality. Even if people condemn you, criticize you, are against you, that is acceptable, at least they are paying attention to you; if they are friendly, respectful, of course that is far better, but you cannot survive as a personality without some kind of attention. It can be negative, it can be positive, it doesn’t matter. People must say something about you; respectful or disrespectful, both fulfill the same purpose.” Osho,’The Great Pilgrimage”