Religion’s Expiration Date

move from blind belief to the science of your inner experience

“The world today is pulled apart by religious strife: people massacre one another, societies fight bitterly over dissenting belief systems and nations are at war. Yet in direct contrast to this, people have for centuries believed that religious faith is the moral guiding light by which they can strive to live their lives. How can man reconcile these two? Or is it simply that religion – and its purpose in our lives – has reached its expiration date? 

In this collection of talks, Osho outlines a crucially different approach: 

“Religion is fundamentally something that happens in aloneness. It is what a man does in his aloneness with himself.” Osho

The World Needs Great Revolution

The world needs a great revolution where each individual finds his religion within himself. The moment religions become organized, they become dangerous; they become really politics with a false face of religion. That’s why all the religions of the world go on trying to convert more and more people to their religion. It is the politics of numbers; whoever has the greater number will be more powerful.

But nobody seems to be interested in bringing millions of individuals to their own selves. My work here consists of taking you out of any kind of organized effort – because truth can never be organized. You have to go alone on the pilgrimage, because the pilgrimage is going to be inside. You cannot take anybody with you. You have to drop everything that you have learned from others because all those prejudices will distort your vision – you will not be able to see the naked reality of your being. The naked reality of your being is the only hope of finding God. God is your naked reality, undecorated, without any adjective.

Religion's Expiration Date
Religion’s Expiration Date

TIt is not confined by your body, not confined by your birth, not confined by your color, not confined by your sex, not confined by your country. It is simply not confined by anything. And it is available, so close: just one step inside and you have arrived. You have been told for thousands of years that the journey to God is very long. The journey is not long, God is not far away. God is in your breath, God is in your heartbeat; God is in your blood, in your bones, in your marrow – just a single step of closing your eyes and entering within yourself.

Problems of Mankind today are Spiritual

Some people think the problems are political: they think searching for a political solution will end the problems. But they are wrong. The problems of mankind are basically not political. Some people think the problems are economic. They think if those problems can be resolved, the world will be filled with peace and prosperity. These people are also under an illusion. No amount of riches, no amount of wealth and prosperity, can dissolve the misery, suffering, and anguish in people’s minds.

People’s fundamental problem today is spiritual: it is somewhere in the depths, connected with their innermost being. We are lacking the deeper vision that is needed to see the problem. We see very superficially and on the surface, and don’t enter deeply. Perhaps we don’t want to see deeply because for that, courage is needed. And not only is courage needed, but you need to accept the possibility there may be no solution. Only by accepting this very possibility can a person see deeply inside himself.” Osho, The Hidden Splendour