I Am the Gate

Discourses given April to June 1971, Early Works

This series has served as an introduction for many people to Osho’s vision. Eight discourses to push the listener over the edge of the intellect into the mysterious, the esoteric, the transcendental and the profoundly practical. “So when you ask, ‘Who are you?’ I say, ‘I am consciousness.’ And this answer is all-inclusive: everything is consciousness. I answer only as a representative of all. You may not yet have heard that you are consciousness, you may not have come to know that you are consciousness, but I am answering even for you. Consciousness exists.” Osho

Osho talks on the meaning of initiation, disciplehood and meditation — a loving invitation to begin the journey toward the ultimate truth: “A sannyasin to me is a person who decides to live to the utmost, to the optimum, to the maximum; it is just like a flame burning from both the poles.”

Het boek I Am the Gate bevat een lezingenserie uit de begindagen van Osho’s werk; mensen komen bij Osho en stellen vragen vanuit hun intellect. Osho geeft met zijn rake antwoorden een uitnodiging om het onbekende in te gaan. Het I Am the Gatemysterie dat meditatie kan aanreiken wordt door hem aangegeven en we worden zachtjes die richting in geduwd.
Ook nu weer een heel inspirerend boek om te lezen en ons wakker te houden.
Deze klassieker van weleer is opnieuw uitgekomen in een heel bijzondere uitgave. Op de cover is tot uitdrukking gebracht, dat de Meester
ook letterlijk de gate is, namelijk een poort naar het Bestaan; het boek is hierdoor prachtig van stijl.

Het boek I Am the Gate is verkrijgbaar bij de lees meer of via internet.

Impression of I Am the Gate

Osho speaks on the relationship between freedom and consciousness, defines his neo-sannyas, and elaborates on the mysteries of initiation and disciplehood.

This is the book where OSHO talks about himself—not as a man, not even as a mystic, but as a manifestation of existence itself. I AM THE GATE is not only a timeless classic but also a wonderful introduction to OSHO’S vision and a loving invitation to begin the spiritual journey. Here are eight talks to push the reader over the edge of the intellect into the mysterious, the transcendental, the esoteric…and the profoundly practical.”

I AM THE GATE is a super-charged OSHO classic that is filled with profound OSHO spiritual truths and insights. It’s also a very enjoyable, entertaining, and consciousness raising read. 

Excerpt from I am the Gate

“Open to trust. Then there is a chain reaction; then you come into touch. And the touch is not a touch – it becomes part and parcel of your being. 

“Really, we are not as isolated as we feel. All the isolation is because of the closing attitude of the ego; otherwise there is no separation, no isolation. You are not so different from me; you are not so separate from me – if you are, it is only the isolating ego. If the ego is not there…

The miracle of trust is that if you trust, you will not be an ego – they cannot both exist simultaneously. If you trust you cannot be an ego, if you doubt you cannot be other than an ego. If you trust then you are not an ego – the isolation is lost; you are open. That opening… Then it is not that you are taking anything from me; there is no ‘me’ as such. It is not that you are taking something from someone else. It is only that you yourself are reflected – in your own self. It just looks separate because of the ego. If you are open then the chain can continue for centuries.” Osho