The Magic of self-respect

Awakening to your Own Awareness

Het boek ‘The Magic of self-respect’ heeft een DVD bijgesloten. Awakening to your own Awareness. Er was een dag dat we onszelf echt kenden. The MagicVoordat we deel werden van een maatschappij, cultuur, een beschaving, was dat het geval. Dat is de reden dat mensen denken dat hun kindertijd de mooiste tijd van hun leven was. Als je terug-kijkt, dat wil zeggen: opnieuw kijkt, zul je de plek vinden waar je jezelf kwijtraakte. Dat moment is een moment van verlichting.

Het boek The Magic of self-respect is verkrijgbaar bij de Boekhandel.

Impressie van The Magic of self-respect

So much of the experience of everyday life, says Osho in this insightful guide, is shaped by religious and social conditioning — and we are not even aware of the fact. We are constantly being pulled away from the unique nature that is our birthright. In place of that original and unique self, a false self called the “ego” is constructed that eventually gains control of our creativity, our ideas about what it means to be successful, our relationships, and our very experience of who we are. At the same time, he argues, the collection of egos known as “society” shapes our political, educational, and religious institutions, which in turn combine to force the same old patterns onto new generations. In this book, Osho shows how to discard these old patterns in favor of a new and nurturing trinity of watchfulness, awareness, and alertness. The bundled DVD lets readers directly experience the insights of this important modern mystic.

The Magic Of Self Respect

“You don’t find an objective self, you find a subjectivity, and finding it is such a blessing, such an ecstasy that you will not care a bit about paradise. And you will not be bothered any more about surrendering because there is nothing to surrender. You have discarded all that was phony, that was only pretension.
“You have been told you are this, you are that, and you have accepted it. You have started playing the game of being this and being that, and nobody has told you – nobody can tell you – who you are. It is only you who can discover it. In discovering it, the ego evaporates it is not surrendered, because it is a non-existential, a shadowy thing, it has no substance in it.” Osho