Osho Vision

Osho is known as an appreciator of female qualities. He is a strong supporter of the rights of women in a male-dominated world.  Woman and Rebellion is a collection of talks which Osho offered to students attending some of India’s all-women colleges.

An English translation of the Original 1969 Osho Book has been released in 2022

The content of the book is as actual in 2022 as it was during Osho’s live talks. All over the world there is news about mistreatment of women and a degrading of them

Woman and Rebellion is a collection of Osho’s early talks given to students attending some of India’s all-women colleges.

Education brings thoughts, thoughts bring rebellion, rebellion brings individuality

“Until now, man has not allowed a woman to become an individual; instead he has tried his best that she should not become an individual. For thousands of years, a woman was not allowed to be educated because education bestows a personality. So education was stopped, thinking that there was no need for a woman to be educated.
“Education was forbidden to women for thousands of years because if she gets an education, a woman will learn how to think – and thoughts bring rebellion, rebellion brings individuality.”
Osho, Woman and Rebellion

Men and Woman are Completely Different

“Men and Women are completely different and unique. There is so much difference that until now no man has ever fathomed the complete depths of a woman, nor has any woman understood the man. And the chances of his being understood in the future are very remote. They are so unique and different.” Osho, Woman & Rebellion

A Meditator is Neither A Man Nor a Women

“A meditator is neither a man nor a woman, because meditation has nothing to do with your body; neither does it have anything to do with your mind. In meditation you are simply and purely consciousness. And consciousness is neither male nor female.” Osho 

Osho About His Continuous Respect for Women

I am the first man who is trying to compensate for all the harm and the wounds that have been done by the past and its so-called religious people. My respect for women is equal to my respect for men.

This has not been the case in the past. Gautam Buddha – a man I respect, I love, but that does not mean I agree with him on every point – denied initiation for women for years. He was not ready to initiate women, only men. Why? – the woman is not so spiritual. Strange… The same people who go on saying that the soul is neither man nor woman, on the other hand start saying that the woman is less spiritual than man.

Only Bodies Are Different

Only bodies are different; the souls cannot be different. And now we are more scientifically knowledgeable, a man can be changed into a woman just by plastic surgery. Then what will Buddha do? I he initiate the man or not? He is a woman… 

Even Buddha denied, Mahavira denied that anyone can reach enlightenment from a woman’s body. I do not see the logic at all. Mahavira was a great logician, but I can see the male chauvinist mind working behind it. There is no logic at all why a woman cannot become enlightened. He said that every woman has to first practice religious discipline so that in the next life she is born as a man; then begins the growth towards enlightenment! The same is true of all religions. 

It Does Not Matter if You are a Man or a Woman

I say to you that it does not matter whether you are man or woman. What matters is whether you are centered in yourself, silent; whether you are capable of becoming a witness to your own thoughts and emotions, moods. It does not matter whether your body is of man or woman; there is not much difference between a man’s body and a woman’s body – the difference is very little, and it has nothing to do with spirituality.

I have accepted women for the first time on an equal basis to men. I am in favor of women’s liberation because I know that unless women are liberated, men will never be liberated. Their liberation is together because they are two sides of the same coin. Naturally many more women have come because for centuries they were denied, they were insulted, they were never accepted as equal to men. Naturally, more and more women will be coming – and only those men will be here who are ready to accept women as their equal.

No male chauvinists can remain around me. It is a family of equal people, with equal dignity.
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