The Divine Sound That is the Truth

Love and Meditation

“We need something totally different. Love will provide the energy, meditation will provide you with tremendous strength. And you will not feel so insignificant, you will feel dignified and significant, because your love, your meditation, your blissfulness is going to save the world.”

The Sound of Om is our very Being

Osho “This sound of om is our very truth, is our very being,” says Osho, and then shows clearly and powerfully how this truth is to be found in the inner silence of all human beings. Giving uncompromising and insightful responses to questions on love and belonging, consciousness and meditation, and world issues, Osho is emphatic that the only meaningful truth comes from turning inward.

The Book Hari Om Tat Sat has become rare, it is available on internet or in 2e hand shops.

Chapter Titles

This book has 30 Chapters en the titles are these:

   #1: The Sound of Truth
   #2: Love Should Be Freedom
   #3: You Are Enlightened
   #4: Fear Is Your Imagination
   #5: The Earth Is More than Paradise
   #6: Accept Homosexuality Joyfully
   #7: A Master Is Only a Vehicle
   #8: Love Is Going to Save the World
   #9: There Is Only One Existence
   #10: You Can Feel at Home Anywhere
   #11: Life Is for Living, Not Questioning
   #12: Be More Spontaneous
   #13: Meditation Is Joyful and Easy
   #14: Choose Love, Not a Mask
   #15: Love Does Not Dominate
   #17: Laughter and Tears Clean the Mind
   #18: Waiting Is a Great Meditation
   #19: Connecting to the Earth and the Sky
   #20: Learn to Appreciate Beauty
   #21: Logic Creates Contradictions
   #22: Turn Jealousy into Joy
   #23: Woman’s Greatness, Woman’s Freedom
   #24: The Computer Is Part of Man’s Creativity
   #25: Gurdjieff Was Living Zen
   #26: The Only Truth Is Silence
   #27: Start Moving Vertically
   #28: Meditation Is More than Vipassana
   #29: Everything Is as It Should Be
   #30: There Is No God

“We need something totally different. Love will provide the energy, meditation will provide you with tremendous strength. ” Osho

“Hari Om Tat Sat: the divine sound – that is the truth…. It is one of the mahavakyas, the great sayings which have been embedded in the hearts of the mystics since eternity. It is not something theoretical, not something philosophical, it is something existential.

The Sound of Existence Itself

Those who have gone within themselves have always heard a strange sound, which can only be called the sound of existence itself. It is difficult to reduce that sound into language. Hence for centuries, as far back as we can go, om, the sound, has been represented not by any alphabetical word but by a symbol.

The Symbol of Om is beyond any Alphabet

That symbol is beyond any alphabet. It does not belong to any language. Hence the Tibetans can use it, the people who are writing in Sanskrit can use it; Mahavira can use it, who was using a language called Prakrit; Gautam Buddha can use it, who was speaking in a language called Pali. There is no other symbol in the whole world which does not belong to any particular language, but is simply symbolic of a certain experience that can happen to anyone. And why have they not reduced it to some linguistic form? It is not without reason.

Om is the very Heartbeat of  Existence

The sound of om is heard only when your mind is completely silent, when you have gone beyond all language, all thinking, when there is pure silence, not even a ripple. Suddenly you hear a music. There is no instrument playing it. It seems it is simply the very heartbeat of existence. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether someone is a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Jaina. It does not depend on your philosophy, on your religion. It depends on the depth of your reach toward your very inner center. There, suddenly, you are overwhelmed.

It is not exactly om, but om comes the closest to expressing the sound. And the sound has been called the divine sound because it is not man-made. It is eternally herenow. Whoever wants to enter into the stream of eternal existence is bound to hear it. It says nothing, but it vibrates your being to such joy, to such celebration, to such dance that you have never dreamt of before.”