The Book of Man

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Osho geeft in ‘The Book of Man’ de man weer als iemand die steeds meer vervreemd raakt van zijn innerlijk, terwijl hij geleidelijk aan al The Book of Manzijn natuurlijke onschuld en creativiteit aan het kwijtraken is. In plaats daarvan raakt hij verstrikt in de onzalige zucht naar wereldse macht en succes. Om stoer te lijken onderdrukt de man zijn aangeboren kwaliteiten van liefde en compassie zodat er steeds meer een innerlijke kloof ontstaat. Voor Osho is de ideale man een Zorba the Buddha, een complete mix van lichaam en ziel.
Hier mee hangt samen dat deze ‘Nieuwe Man’ een rebel is die geen verdeeldheid ervaart tussen het innerlijk en het uiterlijk.

The Book of Man is niet erg gemakkelijk verkrijgbaar. Mogelijk is het tweedehands verkrijgbaar bij de Boekhandel en in de USA via internet.

This seamless collection of discourses takes the reader through the various stages of man’s evolution: from Adam to Slave, Son, Homosexual, priest and politician, until he attains the pinnacle of his consciousness as the Rebel or Zorba. Sparkling with anecdotes and enriched with brilliant repartee as well as deeply perceptive responses to the numerous questions asked of Osho by his listeners, The Book of Man is a remarkable blend of wisdom and wit.

Content of the Book of Man

categorization of man

Preface The homosexual The Politician
Introduction The Zorba The priest
Adam Eve The scientist
The Victim The Macho The businessman
The Slave The beggar The American
The son The boyfriend The Buddha
The Robot The husband The New Man
The animal The father The Meditator
The sex Maniac The Friend The warrior
The monk The playboy The gambler
The creator aging The master

Zorba the Buddha

Description of the categories of man

Part I

The book begins in a brilliant way,  The opening sentence, ‘ADAM WAS THE first man, The New Mannot because he was the first man – there may have been many others before him, but nobody else said ‘no’ ‘.  Then he reach to the mind of Adam, the Man. The discussion continues with another good question, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of he fence’ why is this. He again impresses with his answer and requests us to look at ourselves and this discussion continues to the philosophy of love ourselves.

The rebel cannot hold for long.  He is out.  Now talking on the human beings conditions from different roles he undertook in day to life and the various situations he entered into.

As a VICTIM of society’s conditioning.  He finds the religion and politics as the biggest hurdles to free the modern man.  He says, “Innocence regained is paradise regained; you enter again into the Garden of Eden.”   Then as a SLAVE.  He observes that the world want the child as a slave to be used by those who are in power, where he declare “No individual is here to be a machine.”  Here he challenges all religions and all political manifestos.

THE SON, (He simply ask us to walk out of our home…to free ourselves) THE ROBOT (Response is spontaneous, reaction is  just old habit.  Live a life of response and not of reaction. THE ANIMAL (He finds man is more cruel than animals), THE SEX MANIAC (He finds the priests are responsible for pornography and the man is not enjoying sex and advice Tantric Sex). THE MONK (Who criticize all the Saints, Monks, Nuns), THE HOMOSEXUAL (Homosexuality is a necessary phase in the growth of a man or a woman, he observes and advise to do it without guilt. THE ZORBA (Zorba is a beautiful man-no fear of hell, no greed for heaven, living moment to moment, half servant and half boss.  The one, rebel).

In Part 2

EVE, THE MACHO, THE BEGGAR, THE BOYFRIEND, THE HUSBAND, THE FATHER, THE FRIEND, THE PLAYBOY He discusses various roles in detail.  The boyfriend and husband is asked to concentrate much on sex and giving pleasure to the partners in Eve and Father he asks to give respect to woman.

In Part 3

THE POLITICIAN, THE PRIEST, THE SCIENTIST, THE BUSINESSMAN, THE AMERCIAN, THE BUDDHA he finds new responsibilities and limitations in the present living.

In Part 4

Osho gives his vision on NEW MAN.  THE MEDITATOR: Excellent.  Have you observed that you get angry only with those people who are very intimate with you? , THE WARRIOR Excellent again; Unconditional Absoluteness  THE GAMBLER  Risk is the only guarantee for being truly alive.  Take risks ,  THE CREATOR: Totality is creativity , AGING: Before death comes be free of all desires…pure longing is God!, THE MASTER: My effort here is …to create masters.  As many masters.  ZORBA, THE BUDDHA: Shows his illiteracy on other philosophies . Your yesterday is never going to be your tomorrow.  The one whose feet are firmly on the ground, yet whose hands can touch the stars.  ‘The Book of Man’