Love Letters to Life

150 Life Transforming Letters by Osho

‘Love Letters to life’ bevat 150 brieven vol transformatie-hints van Osho. “Be a little more poetic. Write beautiful love letters to life. That’s what meditation is all about.” In veel boeken staan beschrijvingen die pure proza betreffen. Osho’s woorden spreken tot het hart en zijn vaak poëtisch. Uit dit recente boek dat nog maar kort geleden uit ’t Love Letters to LifeHindi vertaald is, blijkt deze poëtische benadering nog eens extra. Niet alleen worden de poëtisch geformuleerde brieven van Osho gepresenteerd. Maar hij moedigt ons ook aan om zelf meer poëtisch in het leven te staan.
Deze kwaliteit kunnen we aanwakkeren door liefdesbrieven aan het Bestaan te schrijven. Het geeft een veel grotere vrijheid dan dat normaal bij liefdesbrieven gebeurt, aangezien het Bestaan geen
verwachtingen ten aanzien van ons heeft. Osho’s eigen brieven vormen een welkom support voor ons meditatieproces en de verdere ontdekking van het innerlijk.

Het boek ‘Love Letters to Life’ is verkrijgbaar bij de Boekhandel.

Impressie van het boek ‘Love Letters to Life’

‘The longing and the thirst that you have for truth is a rare blessing. If it is there, then one day your jump into the ocean of meditation is bound to happen. I see you standing on the very shore – a simple jump is all that is needed.’

150 letters newly translated from the Hindi.

Each one of these 150 letters is a personal message by Osho, written to someone directly by him.

The letters are encouraging statements and responses to people, supporting their process of meditation and inner discovery.


‘You write that my words ring in your ears;
what I want is for their echo to carry you
into that space where everything is silent, empty.
This is the way from words to emptiness.
There one meets oneself.

I am in bliss.
Take my love
I have nothing else to offer, it is my only wealth.
The marvel of it is that the more of it you give,
the more it becomes.
Real wealth is like that –
it grows as you give it away;
and if it diminishes, it is not wealth at all.’
from: A Cup of Tea

# 38.

Existence worries about those who stop worrying about themselves. But as long as one is, this worrying will not go away. In fact, the existence of “oneself” is the real problem; all other problems are but a pale echo of this basic one.

Ignoring this fundamental source, man wastes this whole life trying to destroy the source’s shadows. But like Ravana’s head, before one head has fallen, a new one has already grown. We keep fighting with the branches while sill watering the roots. Such is the idiocy that is masquerading as man.

But one who has the branches in his hands can also look for the roots. Don’t fight the branches – rather, with their help, go to the depths and seek out the roots.

There will be nothing to concern you there. The sense of “I”, the ego, will be there, but just seeing it will be enough to make it disappear. It can only live when it is hidden away in darkness.