Into the Void

Understand your anger, your worries, your tensions, your insomnia, your bodily diseases, how they arise and how they can be overcome

In this remarkable collection, Osho touches on every aspect of life. He shows that man as he is, is a disease, and how people can be healed by medicine and meditation working together to form a complete science. Osho gives a detailed description of why catharsis is a necessary part of his modern meditation methods, and what is needed for transformation. Catharsis is described as an overflow, a flood that breaks all barriers, in which anger and other long-suppressed emotions are released – not onto others, but into the void, into the open sky. And then:

“Everything will be gone. When the mind becomes empty of repression and habits, awareness will happen easily.”

INTO THE VOID, Understand your anger, your worries, your tensions, your insomnia….

In het boek ‘Into the Void’ Osho toont aan dat de mens zoals hij nu is, gewoon ziek is. Door vereniging van geneeskunde en meditatie dient er een complete wetenschap hiervoor te ontstaan. Catharsis is een noodzakelijk Into the Voidonderdeel van moderne methodes van meditatie.
Catharsis zorgt ervoor dat je je agressie, die iedereen heeft, systematisch kwijtraakt, niet door haar op anderen af te reageren maar in de leegte, in de open ruimte, INTO the VOID. Het resultaat: “Everything will be gone. When the mind becomes empty of repression and habits, awareness will happen easily.”

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Understand your anger, your worries, your tensions, your insomnia, your bodily diseases – why and how they arise, and how they can be overcome

Osho Clears up Misconceptions about the Mind, Awareness, meditation

Responding to questions, Osho clears up many misconceptions about the mind, awareness, meditation, real and false religions, and the effect of the will. This short and comprehensive work gives the reader an overview of Osho’s vision and guidelines for his own meditations, as well as a roadmap toward a more blissful, happier humanity.

Chapter Titles of Into the Void

1: Medicine and Meditation: The Two Poles of One Science                  Into the Void
2: Meditation: A Scientific Process
3: Jumping into the Unknown
4: Catharsis and Meditation
5: Wakeful Watching: Losing the Identification with Thoughts

Excerpt From – Into the Void

The method of objective study is for things, matter. And the inward journey – because it is not a research into matter but into consciousness – needs different methods. Those are the methods I am calling meditations.

For the objective world, observation, experiments – these are methods. For the subjective world, witnessing, experiencing – these are the methods.
And one of the fundamental rules of science is that everything exists with its polar opposite. The polar opposite is not contradictory, it is complementary. If love exists, hate exists; if beauty exists, ugliness exists. And if objective reality exists, you cannot deny subjective reality; otherwise, you will be going against the fundamental rule of science itself. Objective reality needs, as a polar opposite to it, a subjective reality. And certainly the same methods cannot be applied to both. Different methods are needed.
Meditation will not help you to find atomic energy, nuclear weapons; otherwise, the East would have discovered all this nonsense long ago. And objective methods will not allow you to discover man’s real being. And without knowing man’s real being you can have all the riches of the world, but deep inside you will remain a pauper, miserable. East and West – the objective approach and the subjective approach – both are half. My own effort is that they should become one. There is no need to divide.