The Path of the Mystic

In Search of the Ultimate Freedom

In dit boek The Path of The Mystic wordt uiteengezet wat je altijd al graag hebt willen weten. Vrijheid is het Grootste Goed, maar hoeveel ervan weten we echt te realiseren?
The Path of the MysticOpnieuw legt Osho uit welke keuzemogelijkheden we hebben.
Zijn we bereid om die mate van verantwoordelijkheid te accepteren die nu eenmaal aan vrijheid kleeft?
De stappen naar een ontwikkeling tot Zorba de Boeddha worden ons uiteengezet.
‘Waarheid is een Individueel Gebeuren.’zegt Osho. En een enkele persoon die vanuit Waarheid leeft is in staat om heel woud met leugens in brand te zetten. Leugens hebben een tijdelijk bestaan. Maar de waarheid heeft eeuwigheidswaarde. Door dit boek krijgen we zo enorm veel steun in de rug van Osho bij onze zoektocht.

The Path of The Mystic is verkrijgbaar bij de Boekhandel.

Impressie van The Path of the Mystic

Throughout this book The Path of the Mystic, Osho emphasizes the imperatives of individual freedom and of seeking and living the truth. Among the tools he offers to travelers on the mystic path are the dynamic yet subtle combination of meditation and hypnosis, methods for exploring past lives, and the Bardo – the ancient Tibetan instructions for the dying.
He outlines his liberating, radical vision for a new humanity – awakened beings who are a synthesis of the worldly, earthy Zorba the Greek and the silent, witnessing Buddha.

Readers are challenged to step beyond the limits imposed on them by their social, religious and political conditioning, and to bring about the global transformation that can only begin at the most personal, individual level.

Excerpt from the Path of the Mystic

It is not a question of belief. I am not a believer in anything, so I will not say to you to believe me that the soul is immortal. But it is my experience that it is immortal because I can remember my past lives, and that is a solid proof that there are going to be future lives. I can teach you techniques for remembering past lives and that will become a solid proof for you that you have a future. You have an eternity of past and an eternity of future.
You have always been here and you will always be here. But first drop your fake personality. Grow into your authentic individuality.

Live the way existence wanted you to live. Your very life should be so intense and so total that you burn your life’s torch from both ends. In that very intensity you will know that you have touched something of eternity. And if you have known it in your life, in your death you will find a deeper confirmation of the fact.
People who live in personality always die unconscious. They have never lived. They don’t know what consciousness is, so before death they become unconscious. That’s why we don’t remember our past lives. You were unconscious, and death happened in your unconsciousness.


Even today I am in the majority of one. I will die in the majority of one!
Truth is not something that can become collective; it remains individual. The collective masses are notThe Path of the Mystic without reason so much afraid of a man of truth, because truth can never become collective; only lies can become collective. Even a single man of truth is enough to put fire to the whole forest of lies, because even thousands of lies cannot face a single statement of truth.

Lies don’t have any life; they are dead. They are just a burden – they don’t give you any freedom, they don’t give you any joy; they simply burden you so much that you lose all hope of ever becoming a free individual and accept enslavement. And that is their function.

Every society, every religion, every civilization is lying and corrupting the minds of their children with all kinds of lies, and naturally, filled with these lies, the masses become very much afraid. Any truth is like fire; they cannot face it. Truth is always an individual discovery; it has always been, and so it will be in the future. It is one man’s majority.
I called it “majority” because although it is one man’s, he is not a minority. His truth is so powerful that the whole world may be on one side… even then his truth cannot be destroyed. The man can be destroyed – society has tried to destroy many beautiful men simply to destroy their truth. Still they have not understood the fact that you can destroy the man but you cannot destroy the truth.

The truth will remain. Once it is discovered, it is not going to disappear. You can destroy the original discoverer; somebody else will become a vehicle. Truth will find a way in the thickest jungle of lies. It always prevails. It may take time, but for truth time does not matter; it always prevails.

The lie is decorated with all kinds of makeup, but it is still a lie. You can make it look like a real thing, but it is just an appearance. A little staring at it and you will find it is not real, it is unreal. And the moment one understands something as false, the false falls on the ground dead. Dead it was – it has always been dead, it was born dead – but you had never looked at it. The Path of The Mystic.

It takes time for any truth to prevail because the jungle of lies is so thick. All the vested interests are so protective of lies, and all the powers are on the side of lies.

Every newborn child is born in the world of lies. But still, because truth is the very essence of life, it cannot be defeated. Its victory can be postponed – for years, even for centuries – but one day suddenly you have to recognize that you have been misbehaving, mistreating…

I have said that I started my journey in the majority of one, and today I have to say to you that I will end my journey in the majority of one – for the simple reason that I cannot give you the truth. If through my devices you discover it, you also become a majority of one.
But truth itself is so powerful that it is enough to give even one man courage to stand against the whole world. Truth gives courage, because truth has an intrinsic quality that “finally I am going to win.” You may not be able to see me victorious, but you are beginning something which is going to be victorious. Rejoice in it.” The Path of The Mystic.